Interpersonal Skills 101: How to Win Friends & Influence People

How to Win Friends & Influence PeopleEveryone needs a refresher when it comes to interacting with people in their personal and professional lives. Dale Carnegie’s How to Win Friends & Influence People provides readers with exactly that. I don’t often read self-help books but I have to say that this book is worth reading. I actually wish I had read this book sooner. Sure, not everything in this book is eye-opening and some of the stories might be dated but they are still relevant. This book will remind you of simple and obvious things you already know and should be doing such as remembering people’s name, smiling, not criticizing or condemning, letting people talk about themselves/interests, admitting when you are wrong, etc.

The book is well-written, easy to read, and the stories used to illustrate the techniques are on point. I also enjoyed the anecdotes Carnegie used from Abe Lincoln’s life mainly because I am a big fan of Lincoln and enjoy learning about him. There were times that I did feel that he provided more than the necessary stories needed to illustrate his techniques to the point that it became a bit redundant. Despite that, I still found the book enjoyable and highly recommend it. I am sure you will at least find one technique that will help enrich your interpersonal skills or better yet you may discover that you are doing something that you should not be doing.