Booking Through Thursday: Borrowing etc.

It’s been a bit crazy lately so I have neglected my blog and missed a few BTT memes. So let’s catch up…

Booking Through Thursday

Borrowing?: Who would you rather borrow from? Your library? Or a Friend? (Or don’t your friends trust you to return their books?) And, DO you return books you borrow?

I prefer to borrow books from friends just because it takes me a while to return them. I would probably have to pay the library several late return fines. Wait, I already did. I usually have a pile of books to read through so I am not able to get to them before the due date of the second renewal after which the book must be returned.

War Stories: Do you read war stories? Fictional ones? Histories?

I have read a few books about wars and people impacted by them. Some which I enjoyed are:

1. The Diary of Anne Frank
2. Les Miserables
3. A Farewell to Arms
4. Night
5. A Thousand Splendid Suns
6. The Reader

Good or Bad: I’ve seen many bloggers say that what draws them to certain books or authors is good writing, and what causes them to stop reading a certain book or author is bad writing. What constitutes good writing and bad writing to you?

This is a good question but I think the answer can be a bit subjective. For me, good writing is more than just proper grammar and punctuation. It is about good character development, captivating plot, and successfully transmitting emotions. I like getting emotionally invested in the story and forming a relationship with the characters so that as I read a story I can picture it in my imagination.

On the other hand, bad writing includes bad grammar, shallow characters, bad dialogue, scattered storyline, bad punctuation, and too much description. I also personally hate it when the conclusion of a story does not provide closure, leaving you feeling like there is something missing or that it was pointless. Like I said the answer can be a bit subjective.

Skeletons: What reading skeletons do you have in your closet? Books you’d be ashamed to let people know you love? Addiction to the worst kind of (fill in cheesy genre here)? Your old collection of Bobbsey Twin Mysteries lovingly stored behind your “grown-up” books? You get the picture … come on, confess!

I don’t think I have reading skeletons because I am not ashamed of any books that I have read. I try to read books from different genres; you never know when you will discover a treasure. However, I am guilty of re-reading the entire collection of the Anne of Green Gables series and Pride and Prejudice several times. I still find them just as entertaining as when I first read them.


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