The Pillars of the Earth: Part One

Matthew Macfadyen as Prior Philip
Matthew Macfadyen as Prior Philip in Starz Original's The Pilliars of the Earth

This past week has been busy so I only managed to read Part One of The Pillars of the Earth. The book is 973 pages and too heavy to be carrying everywhere. It has made me seriously consider buying an e-reader. So far the main characters have been introduced. Follett has created characters that are believable and captivating. The main plot of the story has also been established, which is Prior Philip’s and Tom Builder’s dream to build a cathedral for Kingsbridge.

Having seen the Starz series adaptation prior to reading the book I can’t help comparing the actors selected to play the main characters. Although, Ian McShane did an excellent job playing Waleran’s role that is not who I pictured after reading the characters description. I pictured someone more like Alan Rickman. The instant I read about Prior Philip I pictured Matthew Macfadyen! Though, I might be a bit bias towards him. The character’s selected to play Jack and his father are much better looking than Follett describes them. My favorite character’s so far are Ellen, Prior Philip, Jack, and Aliena.

I will keep you guys posted on my progress.


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