Booking Through Thursday: Film to Paper

Even though it’s usually a mistake (grin) … do movies made out of books make you want to read the original?

Yes, there have been occasions when a movie or series has made me want to read a book. If the movie or series are interesting, I become intrigued and want to know how true to the book it is and what was left out.

Actually, I decided to start reading the The Pillars of the Earth after I watched the series. I had heard good reviews about the book but the size of it has been a turn off. However, after watching the series I knew there were probably a lot of details left out. I can say that so far the book has not disappointed me. But I can also see how I would have been a little disappointed with the series if I had read the book first. On the other hand, I have to admit that the cast for the series was superb and still would have probably enjoined just the same.


4 thoughts on “Booking Through Thursday: Film to Paper

    • Thanks for your comment! Curiosity gets the best of me and I usually end up watching the movie after reading book too. I like seeing other people’s vision of the book.

  1. Yea for me, as long as the movie grabbed me, esp if I find out it was based on a true story/true events or a memoir, I have to find the book(s). It’s too tempting for me not to.

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